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UHIMA membership can assist you along your desired career path in the HIM field.  Whether you are starting to explore career options in the field of HIM, choosing a program or institution of higher education, seeking opportunities to connect with other students and professionals, or continuing development of knowledge or increasing your skill set, let UHIMA be a part of your career development.

Weber HIM Prerequisites

Before applying for any HIM programs at Weber State University, the following classes must be completed:

HTHS 1101 Medical Terminology
HTHS 1110 Integrated Anatomy & Physiology I

These courses must be completed with a grade “C” or better to be eligible to apply. Students are allowed to transfer these credits from another university or may take them at Weber State University. The application and other information can be found at

HIM & Coding Career Contact Information

If you or anyone you know is interested in the Coding Certificate, Health Information Technology or Health Information Management Programs please visit the Weber website at