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Here is the link to Utah Health Law website: For more detail, select Utah Code/Constitution, and preform a keyword search on 13-44-202. 

HIPAA Privacy Q&A

Do you have a HIPAA Privacy question you need help in getting answered or need to know where you can go to find that answer?

UHIMA Legislative Committee will assist you in locating an answer to your HIPAA Privacy questions. By clicking on the HIPAA E-mail link below, you will be provided assistance to your question within 10-14 days. You must enter HIPAA Privacy question in the Subject line. Most questions and answers (Q&As) will be posted on the Legislative page for reference to other members. Identity of the member submitting the Q&A will not be used.

Email HIPAA question to UHIMA Legislative Committee Chair, Nancy Baxter (

DISCLAIMER: UHIMA or the Legislative Committee will not be held liable for any advice, suggestions, or comments given to the membership on HIPAA Privacy.

Office of the National Coordinator

Link to HHS’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality jointly manage and fund the contract with RTI for this work. AHIMA has taken a significant role in this project.