A Message from the President — October 2022

On behalf of the UHIMA executive board of directors, I would like to formally recognize all the work and dedication brought by the members of the great state of UTAH to the health information space. As we move forward into new and exciting challenges in healthcare, specifically- Information Governance, Health Information Technology evolution and Data analytics we recognize the spotlight is on us! We can and will rise to the occasion. As your President, I am committed to making Utah the best it can be and providing support to all members in whatever capacity they are currently serving in. I am overjoyed at the conversations that are currently taking place on both a local and national level surrounding the EMR and coded data. Now more than ever we want to engage and come to the table to help transform the roles where we provide meaningful data and the use thereof.

Together the future is bright.
Thank you for your dedication – we can’t wait to meet you!
Amanda Fowler-Kummer, President UHIMA