As some of you are aware, the RHIT and RHIA exams are scheduled to go into a beta period on 10/2/17. During the beta period immediate exam scoring is not available. The weather related emergency situations across the United States along the southern, western, and eastern coasts at this time have prompted us to reconsider this opening date of this beta period. Many individuals have signed up to take these exams prior to 10/2/17 specifically so they would complete the exam prior to the beta period and now find themselves in a position unable to prepare adequately for the exam. For this reason, a one-time, compassion-based decision and analysis of the available data have prompted us to initiate the beta period on 1/2/18 that will be enacted as follows:

Everyone already scheduled with Pearson Vue to take the RHIT or RHIA exam on or before 1/1/18: Will take the current exam that has been in place since October 2016. The new beta implementation date is for everyone, not just those that might have been directly impacted by the current disasters.

Everyone scheduled or planning to schedule with Pearson Vue to take the RHIT or RHIA exam on or after 1/2/18: Will take the new beta exam for which immediate scoring will not be available. Everyone taking the exam on 1/2/18 or after will ONLY be able to take the new beta exam.

We ask you to please assist us in sharing this important message within your network to ensure the information reaches all affected individuals.

For any specific questions or if necessary to reschedule exams due to the disasters, please contact