AHIMA Advocacy Alert on HR 5795

ACT NOW: Tell Your U.S. Representative to Co-sponsor and Support H.R. 5795, the Overdose Prevention and Patient Safety Act!

42 CFR Part 2 (Part 2) is a law that regulates the sharing of substance use disorder (SUD) records. Protecting patients’ confidentiality is of the utmost importance but the outdated nature of Part 2 has created barriers for providing the best care possible to individuals with SUD. H.R. 5795, the Opioid Prevention and Patient Safety Act (OPPS) Act will align Part 2 with HIPAA for purposes of treatment, payment and operations. H.R. 5795 will be considered on the House floor the week of June 11th when many other bills addressing the opioid crisis will also be brought up for a vote.

We need you to call Congress this week and urge your U.S. Representative to cosponsor H.R. 5795 and  vote yes when it comes to the House floor for a vote. Head to AHIMA’s Action Center where you can take action and find additional details.