Board Descriptions

All CSA (Component State Association) volunteers must have the following required core competencies:


AHIMA Required Core Competencies for All CSA Volunteers

  • Adheres and Advocates for the AHIMA code of ethics, and any other appropriate codes of conduct, values honesty, integrity and transparency.
  • Demonstrates Commitment to the mission, vision, values and strategy of the CSA and AHIMA
  • Is a Team Player/Collaborator, works well on teams and fosters trust among group members and adjusts behavior in order to establish relationships with teams.  Completes assigned duties and tasks. 
  • Respects Diversity and Fosters Inclusion, values all kinds and classes of people equitably, deals effectively with all races, cultures, disabilities, ages and genders.  Ensures all voices are listened to and respected. Will wait for others to catch up before acting and is sensitive to due process and proper pacing.
  • Presents a Positive Professional Image


All Officers – Must be active member of AHIMA/UHIMA

All officers are expected to attend monthly Board meetings. Meetings are generally 2 hours and may be conducted in person or by teleconference. Time estimates for the positions below include the 2 hour monthly meeting.


The President-Elect, President, Past-President, and Acute Care Director represent UHIMA at the AHIMA House of Delegates (HOD). Delegates guide the health information management profession. The role includes advocating for the HIM profession, its members and the association. Delegates have the opportunity to gain knowledge about issues and hot topics related to the profession and will negotiate and communicate these issues to UHIMA members. The House conducts business throughout the year using the Communities of Practice. Delegates will attend the Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates in person. This meeting is held on the Sunday prior to the AHIMA Annual Convention and Exhibit.

UHIMA pays the travel expenses for delegates to attend the House of Delegates at the annual AHIMA Convention and Exhibit. Payment for expenses to attend the convention itself is determined by the UHIMA Board annually depending on financial resources.


The President-Elect serves as an aide to the President and assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence.  The President-Elect serves a three year term in the following roles: President-Elect, President and Past President.  Responsibilities of the President-Elect include chairing the budget subcommittee to prepare an annual operating budget, representing UHIMA in the AHIMA House of Delegates, and carrying out duties to assist the President.  Candidates for this position must be prepared to attend AHIMA’s Summer Team Talks and Leadership Conference in July in Chicago.  UHIMA pays for the travel costs of this function.  Candidates should also have previous Board experience, strategic and team leadership skills, interactive communication and presentation skills, and an understanding of finances.  The time required for this position averages approximately 2 hours/week plus attendance at Team Talks, Leadership Conference, and the House of Delegates.

The UHIMA President is the elected officer to conduct official business of UHIMA and is the key liaison between AHIMA and UHIMA.  The President, in conjunction with the Board, sets the strategic direction and goals of UHIMA, ensures policies and procedures are carried out, creates the agenda for and presides at monthly Board meetings, selects committee chairs and orients Board members in the UHIMA policies and procedures, communicates regularly with members, represents UHIMA in the AHIMA House of Delegates, and works with other healthcare entities (e.g., UHIMSS, Utah Department of Health, UHIN, etc.) to further UHIMA goals and promote good health information management practice.  The President also has fiscal oversight for UHIMA. The President mentors the President-Elect in preparation for the role as President. The President also attends the AHIMA Summer Team Talks and Leadership Conference in July.  The time required for this position averages approximately 4 hours/week plus attendance at Team Talks, Leadership Conference, and the House of Delegates.

The Past-President serves as an advisor to the President and the Board.  The Past-President maintains and updates UHIMA Policies and Procedures, represents UHIMA in the AHIMA House of Delegates, and organizes the AHIMA Foundation Gift for the Not-So-Silent Auction.  The time for this position averages approximately 2 hours/week plus attendance at the House of Delegates.


The Secretary is the official record keeper of UHIMA. The Secretary records, distributes, and maintains Board and annual business meeting minutes. The Secretary may maintain other business records (e.g.; policy and procedure manual) as directed and may update policies and procedures as directed by the Past-President and UHIMA Board. Candidates should be able to listen effectively and accurately document proceedings, utilize appropriate and multiple forms of communication, utilize word processing technology, and have good organization, communication, grammar, and spelling skills. The term of this office is one year. The average time for this position is approximately 4 hours per month


The Treasurer-Elect spends one year preparing to assume the role of Treasurer. The term is two years: one as Treasurer-Elect and one as Treasurer. The Treasurer is the financial officer of UHIMA and is responsible for assisting in budget development, receipt and disbursement of UHIMA funds, preparing financial reports as directed by the President and Board, and filing annual tax returns. Candidates should have the ability to use Excel and should understand basic accounting principles, checking account activities and budgeting processes. Experience with Quicken is helpful but not required. The time for this position averages 2 hours/week.

Directors: Acute Care & Alternate Care

The Directors serve as liaisons to the UHIMA membership and communicate member needs to the Board. They may also assist the Board in various activities as assigned by the President such as acting as ex-officio members of UHIMA committees. The Directors plan the UHIMA winter social activity. Both positions are one year terms. Candidates should have the ability to listen and articulate effectively and utilize multiple and appropriate forms of communication. Candidates must be able to use tact and diplomacy in communications.

The Acute Care Director represents members working in acute care facilities and is also a delegate to the AHIMA House of Delegates. As noted above, UHIMA pays travel expenses to attend the AHIMA House of Delegates. The time for the position averages 3 hours/month plus attendance at the HOD.

The Alternate Care Director represents members working in other care facilities, consultants, educators, and members working for vendors. The time for the position averages 3 hours/month.